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Advanced Coatings

Revivify Self Heal Coating is a revolutionary new generation of hand applied, heat activated, state-of-the-art nanotechnology coating with self-healing properties. Revivify is more about being hard enough to offer the protection we need, but adds a silicon, flexible, surface you won’t find in the traditional “Ceramic Coating” products being sold today. Adopting new organic and… Continue reading Advanced Coatings

Ceramic Coating

Welcome Feynlab Ceramic Coatings  Feynlab is the world leader in nanotechnology development and manufacturing for automotive, marine and aerospace applications.  Vivid Car Detailing is an advanced ceramic coating company on Long Island.  We have applied Feynlab ceramic coatings to all types of vehicles and motorcycles, using every level Feynlab has to offer. Feynlab uses the… Continue reading Ceramic Coating


Detailing Services Top Quality Detailing Services From Trained & Certified Car Care Experts

Paint Correction & Polishing

PROFESSIONAL PAINT CORRECTION & PAINT DEFECT REMOVAL Remember that day you first walked into the showroom and saw the car you fell in love with? Was it the design style? The sheen on the new paint? I’m sure you look at your car’s paint today and say “it shines and it’s clean” but it really… Continue reading Paint Correction & Polishing

Car Detailing Services

Detailing Services Every vehicle deserves to shine, and you can rest assure that our specialists will handle your vehicle with the best care. Experts in Automotive Detailing  Cars, trucks and motorcycles are often subject to a wide range of variety of weather and road conditions.  During the summer months your vehicle is left very hot… Continue reading Car Detailing Services

Motorcycle Detailing

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York Every motorcycle should shine & reflect, Vivid Car Detailing are specialists that will handle your motorcycle with the best care. What’s Included in our  Ultimate Motorcycle Services Treat your motorcycle to the works   ​Eco friendly hand wash  Clay bar to decontaminate the paint Clean wheels and tires  Clean Windscreen… Continue reading Motorcycle Detailing

Ceramic Maintenance Service

What’s Included in our  Ceramic Maintenance Service With our maintenance detail we will make sure your ceramic coating is clean and ensure that the product is working properly. Using nothing but the best, Feynlab Car Care Products and Revivify line products are used by Vivid Car Detailing. Taking care of the exterior body, wheels and… Continue reading Ceramic Maintenance Service

Headlight Restoration

Dingy yellow headlights reduce your driving visibility. Restore your headlights to improve the brightness and increase your visibility on the road at night. $85 per headlight (complete restoration and coating)  Professional  Multi-Step System  Vivid Car Detailing uses a professional multi-step process of sanding and polishing which restores the headlight encasing.   Protection  We provide you a… Continue reading Headlight Restoration

Glassparency Protection

GlassParency™️ proves itself to be more than just an over-the-counter water repellentapplication. GlassParency™️ will make your glass easier to clean and maintain, keeping dirt and dust build up from caking on your vehicle’s glass for a longer period of time. By sealing the glass, hard mineral water spots will be easier to remove, and staining… Continue reading Glassparency Protection