Glassparency Protection

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

GlassParency™️ proves itself to be more than just an over-the-counter water repellentapplication. GlassParency™️ will make your glass easier to clean and maintain, keeping dirt and dust build up from caking on your vehicle’s glass for a longer period of time. By sealing the glass, hard mineral water spots will be easier to remove, and staining will be less likely to occur.


A chemical base coat is applied to the glass pores, filling in all the natural microscopic areas of the glass.  Then the final chemical top coat will bond to the base which creates an ultra-hydrophobic barrier, leaving your crystal streak-free clean glass. 


This is a one-time application that will increase visibility up to 34% in harsh weather elements such as rain and snow.  It will improve the clarity in the glass and reduce night and daytime glare.


GlassParency applications have an effective life span of 36 months, with minor maintenance.  We highly recommend a quarterly inspection of your application to ensure that it is performing at its optimal level.  GlassParency guarantees their product with a three-year warranty.

Treatable areas  

  • Front windshield
  • Side windows 
  • Rear window 
  • Sunroofs & Panoramic roofs 

Detailing Services 
Starting at $100

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