Motorcycle Detailing

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

Every motorcycle should shine & reflect, Vivid Car Detailing are specialists that will handle your motorcycle with the best care.

What’s Included in our 

Ultimate Motorcycle Services

Treat your motorcycle to the works  

  • Eco friendly hand wash 
  • Clay bar to decontaminate the paint
  • Clean wheels and tires 
  • Clean Windscreen
  • Clean streak free mirrors
  • Clean chrome pipes, forks, and motor
  • Forced filtered machine drying
  • Polish chrome around motor 
  • Polish the frame and bars
  • Paint Correct, polish, & rejuvenate the paint finish 
  • Machine polish chrome pipes and wheels
  • Apply a polymer sealant and synthetic wax (Customer can upgrade to one of our ceramic coating for longer lasting protection)
  • Ceramic coating to all paint, wheels and chrome pipes

Detailing Services 
Starting at $699

Custom pricing available, please call us to get a free estimate

At Vivid Car Detailing, we use only the best tools and equipment within the industry, starting with our wide selection of Rupes paint polishers. We also use custom lights and tools to detect and correct paint defects, use high-end paint gauges to determine the condition and thickness of the paint, and use a variety of microscopes to check the paint.

When protecting your motorcycle, Vivid Car Detailing only uses the best paint protection from Revivify.  This coating forms a much harder, thicker layer of protection with the best hydrophobics.  On top of the unequaled protection offered, Revivify is self-healing which keeps your motorcycle looking new with astonishing gloss to the paintwork that other coatings cannot compare to.  

With Revivify applied to your paintwork and/or matte finish, you will not need to apply traditional waxes or sealants for protection, so maintenance is incredibly easy with simple washes and quick detailer sprays.