Plastic & Trim Restoration

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

The plastic, chrome and trim on the exterior of your vehicle is prone to sun damage, which is why we offer repair and restoration as part of our detailing services. 

Custom pricing available, please call us to get a free estimate

Professional Restoration 

Replacing damaged plastic bumpers and trim will become costly and within a few years the same pieces will be damaged again. With our restoration process, we can save your plastic and trim.  

Long-Term Protection 

Our professional and semi permanent solutions restore the exterior plastics making them look new again. Long-term protection against damaging sun rays, oxidation and other atmospheric contaminants helps keep that luster. We can repair scuffs, scratches in the chrome pieces.

Restore The Finish 

Vivid Car Detailing are specialists in restoring plastics,trim and chrome on your vehicle and can restore them to factory conditions.