Wheel Polishing & Coating

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

Get A Beautiful Shine on your Wheel Rims

The combination of environmental factors, general road grime and black brake dust from the brake pads form hard deposits due to the heat, making the wheels dirty.  Your wheels will not go unnoticed and is one of the most important cosmetic features on your vehicle.  Vivid Car Detailing provides professional wheel polishing and semi-permanent tire coatings that can provide you with a custom look to your vehicle.

Starting at $225

Professional Wheel 

Polishing & Coating

Dirty wheels and faded tires will affect the overall appearance of your car.  Vivid Car Detailing specializes in wheels off detailing, removing road tar and grime, bringing back the Vivid shine. Professional wheel polishing increases the depth and gloss of your rims. We even protect our wheels with our certified coatings adding years of protection.

Get Glossy 

Black Vivid Tires

Tires are the most important cosmetic feature on your vehicle, especially at car shows.