Ceramic Maintenance Service

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

What’s Included in our 

Ceramic Maintenance Service

With our maintenance detail we will make sure your ceramic coating is clean and ensure that the product is working properly. Using nothing but the best, Feynlab Car Care Products and Revivify line products are used by Vivid Car Detailing. Taking care of the exterior body, wheels and glass leaving behind an amazing shine.  Leaving behind a clean interior, you’re ready to take that ride.

  • Using FEYNLAB Car Care products
  • Using Revivify line products
  • Includes exterior, body, wheels and windows
  • Includes a quick vacuum
  • Wipe down the interior

Ceramic Maintenance 
$115 (small vehicles)

Only for Feynlab & Revivify Coated Vehicles 
Custom pricing available according to your vehicle needs, mobile services have additional fees.  Call us or stop by to get a free estimate