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Interior Detailing & Odor Removal

Interior Detailing Services Rejuvenate your interior surfaces with a deep cleaning to remove any debris, dirt, dust and stubborn odors.  We offer thorough vacuuming, professional steam cleaning and hot water extraction of the upholstery and remove deep stains without introducing excessive water into the fibers.  Leather seats are cleaned with a PH neutral leather cleaner… Continue reading Interior Detailing & Odor Removal

Plastic & Trim Restoration

The plastic, chrome and trim on the exterior of your vehicle is prone to sun damage, which is why we offer repair and restoration as part of our detailing services.  Custom pricing available, please call us to get a free estimate Professional Restoration  Replacing damaged plastic bumpers and trim will become costly and within a… Continue reading Plastic & Trim Restoration

Glass Protection

GlassParency Glass Protection ​Vivid Car Detailing is an Authorized Installer for GlassParency™️. ​Approximate Time: 1 HourRecommended Frequency: Quarterly Inspections (required by manufacture warranty) As part of the ultimate glass coating application, your vehicle’s glass will undergo a thorough cleansing process, releasing contaminants trapped in the pores of glass to improve the bonding process of the… Continue reading Glass Protection

Wheel Polishing & Coating

Get A Beautiful Shine on your Wheel Rims The combination of environmental factors, general road grime and black brake dust from the brake pads form hard deposits due to the heat, making the wheels dirty.  Your wheels will not go unnoticed and is one of the most important cosmetic features on your vehicle.  Vivid Car… Continue reading Wheel Polishing & Coating

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York


Beautiful , I’m so happy to have it detailed and excited to drive it

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York


Worth every penny, it looks and smells better than when it was new

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York


I’m so excited, I can see my reflection perfectly

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York


I can’t believe how great it came out.

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York


It came out amazing!