Our mission at Vivid Car Detailing Inc. is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each specific needs. Through clear communication and exceptional service.


At Vivid Car Detailing Inc. we are Certified trained, Accredited & Insured professionals that adhere to IDA detailing standards. Every vehicle is different, paint softness or hardness, condition of the paint, type of vehicle and what our clients are looking to achieve all take importance when choosing the product.


Only professional line products will be used, such as Meguiar's, Rupes, Menzerna, Jescar, Sonax, SwissVax, Glassparency, CarPro, Feynlab, Kamikaze and much more. All products are considered a Professional Line and can not be purchased in a local establishment.


We use the latest technology when estimating our clients cars, placing a paint meter or glossmeter (Rhopoint) on the vehicle to help determine paint depth, gloss and prove to our clients that we can make their vehicle have a Vivid Shine.


Certified | Accredited | Insured