Premium Vivid Detail

  • Vivid Signature hand wash with (DI) water

    • ​PH-balanced SI02 soap to vehicle surface and wheels by foam cannon

    • Forced air dried to prevent potential towel marring

    • Exterior paint decontamination treatment

    • Brand specific maintenance products to preserve the benefits of the ceramic coating

    • Water spot paint remover 

    • Exhaust tips cleaned Plus Polished 

    • Clean and dress wheels and tires

    • Interior and exterior glass cleaned

    • Clean door jambs and degreased

  • Full Interior Service

    • Vacuum interior carpet, mats, and trunk​

    • Wipe Down gauges, buttons, knobs, and vents with Interior Detailer 

    • Wipe down dash, vents, trim, and center console Plus protected with Interior Detailer

    • (*Heavy interior cleaning is available at an extra charge*)

  • Approximate Time: 3+ Hours

  • Recommended Frequency: Quarterly

Prices Starting At:

Cars $200 | Midsize $250 | Oversized $275

Why maintenance a vehicle with a coating or paint sealant?

A maintenance wash for a coated vehicle is 100% necessary to maintain is effective life.  Proper maintenance will guarantee your coating or paint sealant keeps is distinctive shine, simultaneously providing exceptional, long-lasting protection against corrosion, oxidation, bug guts and UV rays. Without maintenance on your coated vehicle, you can still get issues, such as stains and will require polishing and re-coating.  

How often should I get a professional detail?

It is very important that you have your car professionally polished and protected at least twice per year.  You want to protect one of your most prized possessions you own or lease every season from the harsh weather we encounter from polluted rain, snow and salt, don't forget the intense heat the sun gives off.


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