Vivid Express

  • Vivid Signature hand wash with (DI) water

    • ​PH-balanced soap to vehicle surface and wheels by foam cannon

    • Forced air dried to prevent potential towel marring

    • Painted surfaces wiped down with quick detail spray

    • Clean and dress wheels and tires

    • Exhaust tips cleaned

    • Interior and exterior glass cleaned

    • Clean door jambs 

  • Interior Service

    • Vacuum interior carpet, mats, and trunk​

    • Light interior wipe down 

    • Carpets and interior floor mats vacuumed

  •  Approximate time: 45 Min

Prices Starting At:


Cars $99 | Midsize $115 | Oversized $130 

Express Detail Services Upgrades and Benefits

  • Odor Elimination with Ozone 

Ozone gases remove odor by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause that unpleasant smell. It will effectively clean any place that air can go. This includes in between fibers in your carpet, into cracks between plastics, through the headliner, and into the AC system. . The Ozone is able to penetrate into all of these areas, attaching itself to the molecules, chemically changing the structure of the putrid smell, destroying odors at the source.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $150| Midsize $185 | Oversized $200

Interior cleaning with a boar hair brush,  sanitizing steam clean, and apply a leather conditioner, fabric fully cleaned and treated plus protected

  • Wax -$99

A single layer - high-quality carnauba based wax

Ask about our elite waxes by Kamikaze

Glassparency Application

Prices Starting At:

Front Windshield Only $100 | Full Glass $200

          FEYNLAB or GYEON Application

Prices Starting At:


Front Windshield Only $140 | Full Glass $250

        Semi-Permanent tire protection and shine, keeping           your tires looking dressed for 12 months


Prices Starting At:


Cars $165| Midsize $185 | Oversized $200

     The Ultimate protection for you wheels.  Watch the           brake dust, dirt and grime wash right off.   

Prices Starting At:


$300 - (prices vary based on size of wheels)

     Make your wheels stand out and have them stay              brilliant.

Prices Starting At:


Cars & Midsize $300 | Oversized $375 

  • Convenient 

Available times Monday - Saturday


  • Complimentary pick up and drop off

 Small fee for picking up and dropping off in the area

  • Affordable Pricing  

The BEST of the BEST of exterior and interior detailing

  • Upgrades available

         "It's all about the detail"

  • Experienced

Vivid Car Detailing is Certified, Accredited and Insured. 

  • Two locations

Vivid Car Detailing does work out of Greenlawn/Huntington and North Bellmore.



  • Mobile Services

Vivid Car Detailing has a professional trailer that is fully equipped with deionized water, cleaning supplies, machines, everything to detail the vehicle inside and out.


Why not just go to the car wash?

Tunnel Wash, those are spinning brushes that are abrasive and will trap in dirt, sand, etc, from vehicles that have gone through there is now being applied to your car.

Soft Touch which are those hanging vertically clothes that gently agitate the surface.  Those soft clothes are embedded with debris from all other vehicles.  These are less abrasive but still will still damage the paint.

Improper washing and drying is the number one reason for swirls and scratches in the paint, over time the paint will lose gloss and clarity. 


Huntington, New York 11746

(631) 629-2343


Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment


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Certified | Accredited | Insured