Ultimate Vivid Detail

  • Vivid Signature Hand Wash PLUS Professional Interior Detailing

    • PH-balanced soap to paint and wheels with foam cannon

    • Hand wash and forced air dried to prevent towel marring

    • Exterior paint decontamination treatment PLUS Water Spot Remover

    • Light machine polish to improve paint gloss and remove minor marring

    • Application of a professional line spray coating to vehicles painted area (Effective life 6-12 months)

    • Clean and dress wheels and tires PLUS Surface Wheel Coating 

    • Interior and exterior glass cleaned PLUS Windshield Coating Treatment

    • Clean door jambs and degrease

    • Wipe down and dress engine area

    • Exhaust tips cleaned 

  • Full Interior Service

    • Vacuum interior carpet, mats, and trunk​ Plus Carpet Coating to prevent staining

    • Clean gauges, buttons, knobs, and vents

    • Clean and Interior detailer to  dash, vents, trim, and center console

    • Clean and condition leather seats and headrests/ fabric interior protected

    • Deep leather conditioning and cleaner (available protection treatments at additional cost)  

    • Steam clean interior leather and fabric 

  • Approximate Time: 6+ Hours

Prices Starting At: 

Cars $ 500 | Midsize $ 550 | Oversized $599

My vehicle is brand new. Why does it need to be detailed?

All new cars have been sitting on the lot for a period of time or going to be transported to the dealership.  Even if the car is wrapped and the dealership removes the wrapping, minor scratches will be appear and contaminants will be embedded into the paint during transporting.  If your car wasn't wrapped, it will still have tons of embedded contaminants in the paint along with those annoying water spots because its been sitting on the lot.  Having your vehicle properly detailed by a certified and trained detailer provides you with the proper amount of car care and professionalism.

Polish vs. Wax

A polish is designed to remove minor paint surface imperfections such as scratches, spotting, and oxidation. Polishes are not designed to add protection to the vehicle’s paint surface. They are designed to correct the paint. A scratch in the clear coat can reflect light from its microscopic edges which makes it stand out from the surrounding area when seen in the sun light. A professional machine polish can smooth out the minor surface scratches, or leveling it.  The edges in return now are reducing the amount of light the scratch reflects. Some Scratches will require wet/dry sanding before polish depending on the severity

A Wax is a type of paint sealant that creates a layer of shine, a short time of protection depending if the vehicle is garage or always out in the harsh weather elements. Waxes are produced using vegetable wax, beeswax, and oils, as well as synthetic bases, which brings out the beauty of the paint. Waxes most important job is to be a protectant. A good wax will create water beading on top of the paint, protect from UV rays, the suns intense heat, and will help prevent oxidation.

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