Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating, Long Island New York

Welcome Feynlab Ceramic Coatings 

Feynlab is the world leader in nanotechnology development and manufacturing for automotive, marine and aerospace applications. 

Vivid Car Detailing is an advanced ceramic coating company on Long Island.  We have applied Feynlab ceramic coatings to all types of vehicles and motorcycles, using every level Feynlab has to offer. Feynlab uses the latest Nano ceramic coating technology in the ceramic coating category.  

Vivid Car Detailing is a Tier 1 applicator and is certified by Feynlab in all applications.  The process of leveling each coating for that perfect finish and making sure our clients have an excellent level of paint protection that will last for years is very important to us. Feynlab offers a full line of protection products from the exterior to the interior. 

Feynlab Family Product Line:   

  • Feynlab Ceramic Lite
  • Feynlab Ceramic V2
  • Feynlab Feynlab Ceramic Ultra
  • Feynlab Ceramic Plus 
  • Feynlab Heal LIte 
  • Feynlab Self Heal Plus

Additional Coating Product Line: 

  • Feynlab PPF & Vinyl Ceramic V2
  • Feynlab Wheel & Caliper Ceramic 
  • Feynlab Tire Coating 
  • Feynlab Plastic 
  • Feynlab Window Coating
  • Feynlab Textile

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating Application

Ceramic Coatings are the ultimate protection for your car’s paint by adding a deep gloss and shine, protected by adding years of protection and reducing maintenance.


Feynlab coatings adds a thick layer of protection which protects your paint against harsh environmental elements and its highly chemical resistance.  


Feynlab one layer and top coat creates a thick layer offering effective durability to extreme UV temperatures, also leaving behind a fantastic gloss and shine.


Feynlab ceramic coatings should be maintained by Vivid Car Detailing monthly.  We highly recommend a yearly inspection of your coatings to insure that it is performing at its optimal level.